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In 1971, when Founder and Managing Director, Graham Mackereth turned his love of kayaking into a full time job and started building kayaks in his father's garage, most kayak touring was done in fibreglass "general purpose" kayaks, which varied little from boats designed for slalom, and confusingly were frequently referred to as "canoes".

Over the following years, as our team of enthusiasts grew, we pioneered material innovations such as the introduction of polyethylene as a kayak construction material, and drove the transition to more specialised kayak designs better suited to the many adventures and disciplines the sport has to offer; the culmination of this was the emergence of what we know as "Touring Kayaks" today, and the formation of the Venture brand to signify their contrasting but complementary purpose to whitewater kayaks and sea kayaks.

In the Venture Kayaks range, you'll find Touring Kayak designs which have evolved over our 5 decade long history, produced in the latest HDPE compounds, and designed specifically to make the most of exploring inland and coastal environments.


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