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After over 40 years of research and development, award winning designs, world-class expeditions, supporting top class boaters and expanding to become Europe's leading specialist manufacturer of canoes and kayaks, we still design and build all our boats in Britain. We do not know where our kayaks will be paddled so they are all built to the same high standard  -  to be pushed to the limit by our world class team of paddlers on the world's toughest rivers in the Himalayas, Rockies and Andes.

We are still primarily run by kayakers and so are committed to being on the leading edge of kayak design and make constant improvements to our whole production process to support this.

From kids to champions, we want everyone to enjoy the world's biggest water sport having as much fun out there as we do. Whether that's just ripping up your local play spot, exploring a remote creek or just messing about on the river. We always have and always will be by Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts. Developing the most technologically advanced materials, using the industry leading processing methods and most detailed quality control systems means we can produce truly world class kayaks and reduce our impact on the environment.



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