Starrk Moon Kayaks has been selling kayaks and gear for over 35 years.

Here at the shop you will find the real stuff, often not found in any box store or the alphabet clothing stores. I'm the guy who fixes those kayak purchase mistakes. I ask new paddlers "Do you want to just buy a kayak, go into work on Monday and tell everyone that you bought a kayak or do you want to buy a kayak and learn how to do it?" These can be 2 different boats. We are all smarter then kayaking. Don't buy half a kayak, an incomplete boat with training wheels that you'll find you can't remove. Often unknown or ignored by the new paddler is that kayaking is a human powered sport. New paddlers are often intimated by the length of a flat water kayak, when this is where you really want to be.

Starrk Moon Kayaks carries kayaks from FeelFree, Pyranha, Venture Kayaks and P&H Sea Kayaks.

Come visit us at the Worlds Most Famous Kayak Shop! We are open 7 days a week, year round!


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